helen at the mountain, Testuo’s Garage, Nikko, Japan; August 26 - September 17, 2018

Curated by Anne Eastman

Ryoko Aoki, Michel Auder, Bunta Hasegawa, Yuuki Horiuchi, Zon Ito, Sanya Kantarovsky, Liz Magic Laser, Suzanne McClelland, Takao Minami, Ichiro Mishima, Chihiro Mori, Reiko Morisaki, Atsushi Nishijima, Shizuka Okada, Michael Smith, Vibeke Tandberg, Kazuaki Yamane, and Amy Yao

This show takes the form of an excursion in which the participants proceed as companions, pairing up naturally for one reason or another, transporting us along with them. Helen in the title could refer to Helen Keller who came to Nikko with her companion Polly Thompson for three days in July, 1936.

Artists often work alone in a universe of their own making, developing an idiosyncratic language or lexicon. When their artworks encounter another's, languages mingle. Translation, even loose or partial, could reveal a new world.

The artists included in this exhibition also share a connection to Nikko and Troedsson Villa. Some will stay for the residency this year and others have participated in events organized by Troedsson Villa such as TV Mountain School.

‘helen at the mountain' will be the second exhibition organized by Troedsson Villa at Testuo’s Garage, which is neither a garage nor a gallery, but a building that once housed a Pharmacy, in the area of Yasukawa-cho, not far from Toshogu Shrine.

Special thanks to Statements, Taka Ishii Gallery, Take Ninagawa Gallery, TVMS, Tetsuo Mukae, and Sanjoudou.

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