Curated by Suzanne McClelland and Leeza Meksin

Cati Bestard, Lisa Blas, Sonia Louise Davis, Shoshana Dentz, Anne Eastman,
Jenny Monick and Anne Vieux

October 20 - December 2, 2018

Ortega y Gasset Projects is pleased to present SPINE, a group exhibition curated by artist Suzanne McClelland and OyG Co-Director and artist Leeza Meksin, featuring works by Cati Bestard, Lisa Blas, Sonia Louise Davis, Shoshana Dentz, Anne Eastman, Jenny Monick and Anne Vieux.

Opening at OyG on Saturday, October 20, 2018, during the weekend of Gowanus Open Studios, SPINE explores the mental and physical structures of a book and questions what is legible, optical, physical, emotional or cerebral. Reading is viewing and occurs any time anyone engages with visual art but it also happens when we’re handling and engaging with books as objects. Printed media lives in the realm of the physical and the private with a spine functioning as an interruption, an intersection, a fulcrum and a central structure, often simultaneously. The work presented in the exhibition questions when does the private act of reading become public and what is shared.

SPINE brings together a wide range of media, including drawing, photography, sculpture, video, fiber, multiples and artist books. Please join us for the opening with the artists and curators on Saturday, October 20th, 6 - 9pm. The exhibition will be on view October 20 - December 2, 2018.

Ortega y Gasset Projects came together as an artist-run space in April 2013 when a group of artists realized how much their practices were dictated by their circumstances. José Ortega y Gasset’s famous maxim “yo soy yo i mi circunstancia” (I’m myself and my circumstance) deeply resonated with the group, so they named the space as a nod to the philosopher’s pragmatism and realist phenomenology, that came to be known as the “philosophy of life.” Ortega y Gasset Projects celebrated 5 years in May, 2018.

To purchase 5 Posters by Jenny Monick and Enter Stage Left (Monday’s image, v. 1) by Lisa Blas, please visit Space Sisters Press. To purchase Transitory Flatspace by Anne Vieux, please visit Small Editions.

For press inquiries, please contact:  
Leeza Meksin, Co-founder and Co-director, Ortega y Gasset Projects
leeza.meksin@gmail.com, 917-657-7857